Walking in Indian Himalayas

The Himalayas, is a mountain range in Asia separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The Himalayas is the highest mountain range of the world with over a hundred mountains exceeding 7,200 metres (23,600 Ft.) in height. Giving Birth to many life giving rivers, religions and cultures of the world. Indian Himalayas offer a wide range of trek routes for people of different fitness levels, tastes and expectations, therefore, being a magnet for both Outdoors enthusiast and Leisure traveller alike.

We at, Himalayan Outfitter, work with local experts all across Indian Himalayas creating itineraries for remote, less travelled regions, offering a diverse range of walks ranging from Soft to Moderate treks catering to both Outdoors enthusiasts and Leisure Travellers interested in photography, local culture, wildlife and solitude. While on tour, we try to provide the best available in terms of food, amenities and service to all our guests so that your Walking tour to the Himalayas is a safe and memorable experience.

Why Choose Us?

Passion: The quest for exploring Outdoors in Himalayas and India has taken us to some amazing regions, our local friends and guides are people whose everyday work involves exposing people to the culture, flora and fauna of India's National Parks, Rivers and Trails.

Exclusivity: Our endeavour is to pay full attention to your needs and expectations, therefore, we work exclusively for your group, you will not be expected to share camp.

Escorted Trip: From the time of query till your departure from India, you will be interacting and spending time with the same set of people. We travel with every Guest (or Group) on their trip.

Customizable: We are open to making any changes and modifications to the dates, group size and tour as per your taste, fitness level and expectations.

Transparency: We communicate to ensure that our Guests are fully aware of what would be on offer in terms of food, transport and services. There are no hidden costs.

Safety: Your well-being is of foremost importance; therefore, all the trips are planned taking into consideration your safety and security.

Trip Pre-requisites:

Walking in Himalayas means one must be free from any kind of illnesses. If you at any point before embarking on a trek either mentally or physically, feel uneasy or an onset of any minor illness it is better to delay the trip as medical facilities may not be available in the remote interior areas. Elementary medicines may be available in far off places but one should be self sufficient as far the medicines are concerned.

A certain degree of physical fitness in which muscles are conditioned to take the rigors of ascent and descent in long marches. A trek is enjoyed more if you are not particularly tired on reaching the camp after a day's trek. Doing some cardio-vascular exercises and aerobic activities will help you prepare for the trip.

Walking Trip Checklist!

Back Pack (60-70 Ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps, frame and back pack cover

Light weight Trekking boots  (2 Pairs)

Sun Hat and Warm Cap

Polarized Sunglasses

Warm Jackets

Rainproof Jacket with Hood

Woolen Shirts and Thick Sweaters

Gloves and Sandals

Pairs of thin and woolen socks

Track Suits (2 Pairs)

2 pair of loose fitting long full sleeved shirts and Pants

Flash light with extra batteries & bulb

Water bottle

Swiss Knife

Personal Prescription Drugs and First Aid Kit

Sunscreen (waterproof and an adequate SPF)


Cash/Traveler’s Cheques (For tipping or other possible incidentals)

Weatherproof Digital Camera (With batteries)

Toilet Kit (Cold Cream,Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Paper, Towel, Tooth Brush & Paste)