Safaris in Himalayas and India

 India is a land of diverse landscapes, people, languages and religions. All these aspects of the country can be observed very minutely on Road Journeys. Well laid out road networks from the Himalayas in the North to the Southernmost tip of the country establishes roads as the most ideal mode of travel in India, especially, if you intend to visit the remote, less travelled Himalayan hinterland and interior India.

Himalayan Outfitter has created special Itineraries for both Outdoors and Leisure Travellers to showcase the cultural and natural beauty of Himalayas and India. The best part about our Jeep Safaris is that these tours can be modified to suit your interests and we work with you to include all possible activities or even alter the time spent in a location to ensure that your Journey with us is a memorable one.

India is a land of diverse ecosystems where thousands of varied flora and fauna co-exist just like its diverse culture, heritage, languages and what not. Wildlife Safaris in India are anything but tame. Elephants, reptiles, bears, wolves, wild boars and wild dogs roam the lush forests, while snow leopards make lonely footprints in the Himalayan snow. Other well-known large Indian mammals include ungulates such as the rare Wild Asian Water buffalo, Nilgai, Gaur and several species of deer and antelope like Sambar, Muntjac, Cheetal. Of course, the holy grail of any safari is seeing the big cats: Wild tiger, Asiatic Lion and Leopard.

Himalayan Outfitter has identified the richest natural history destinations and carefully developed itineraries that maximize wildlife and cultural experiences for you, both in the Himalayan region and some other areas in India. Vast and contrasting landscapes of the national parks in India: western India’s deserts in Gujarat to dense forests of Himalayan foothills offer a plethora of options to the Wildlife enthusiast to observe the Indian Jungle and see India from a different perspective.

Why Choose Us?

Passion: The quest for exploring Outdoors in Himalayas and India has taken us to some amazing regions, our local friends and guides are people whose everyday work involves exposing people to the culture, flora and fauna of India's National Parks, Rivers and Trails.

Exclusivity: Our endeavour is to pay full attention to your needs and expectations, therefore, we work exclusively for your group, you will not be expected to share camp.

Escorted Trip: From the time of query till your departure from India, you will be interacting and spending time with the same set of people. We travel with every Guest (or Group) on their trip.

Customizable: We are open to making any changes and modifications to the dates, group size and tour as per your taste, fitness level and expectations.

Transparency: We communicate to ensure that our Guests are fully aware of what would be on offer in terms of food, transport and services. There are no hidden costs.

Safety: Your well-being is of foremost importance; therefore, all the trips are planned taking into consideration your safety and security.

Safari Trip Checklist!


Long Sleeved Tropical Shirts and Pants (Choose Earthy colors)

Sun Hat or a Wide brimmed Hat for Sun Protection

Good Quality Polarized Sunglasses

Comfortable Travel Clothes

Walking Shoes

A warm jacket for early Morning/Evening/Cold days


Personal Prescription Drugs

Insect Repellent (perspiration resistant and containing D.E.E.T)

Sunscreen(waterproof and an adequate SPF)

Documents and Gear-


Cash/Traveler’s Cheques (For tipping or other possible incidentals)

Binoculars(A must to appreciate animals and birds that don’t allow a close approach)

Weatherproof Digital Camera (With batteries)

Washroom/Toiletry Kit