Coarse Fishing for Mahseer

Possible Light Tackle (8 lb Line Class) Record Golden Mahseer

Anticipating smaller fish in the monsoon weather, I rigged up a Light action Trout Rod and Reel with 30 yards of 8 lb test line for Coarse fishing. This fish hammered the bait and took off on a near unstoppable first run, almost spooled the Trout reel but thankfully didn’t take me into the rapids. I had to palm the reel using my left hand to add more resistance. Run after run followed for a period of 20- 25 minutes. After some stellar netting by Sabir Manshahia, we finally managed to bag this 20 lb Himalayan Golden Mahseer.

My personal best!

This fish left me trembling and enchanted by its power and beauty, a true Tiger of the Himalayan river systems.

Moments like these remain etched in your mind for good and keep you motivated for years in Angling.

Unfortunately, such events are getting rarer. These big fish are spawners and must be released back into the water.

On that note, guys, have your fun but practice Catch & Release Angling.

Harsh Rana